Concord Tree Care Service

Our environment is filled with trees.  We see it at our homes, where we work, or at the community park. Sexy Tree Service loves trees.  We have a certified arborist who can identify trees in Concord, their needs, and how to best care for them.  With this rich set of knowledge, Sexy Tree Service transforms properties into the beauty that they had dreamt of.

Usually, I do not recommend people,but I gave his phone number to a couple of friends and they were very happy as well 🙂 If all my service providers were as good as Sexy Tree Service, my life will be so much easier!
If you need help with any tree related issue, he is your man!

– Sofia, Customer, Concord

Sexy Tree Service are constantly looking to be surrounded by trees.

Our services in Concord include:

  • Concord Tree Care ServiceTree Care: Have you ever wondered how to truly transform your garden?  Proper tree service can change the look of your property and give it a much needed refresh.
  • Tree Removal: When looking for tree removal technicians, keep in mind that safety and reliability are key traits. Sexy Tree Service offers fast, reliable and professional tree removal in Concord so you can continue on your daily tasks.
  • Tree Pruning: Trimming a tree is a skill and art form.  You have to know the tree and the surrounding conditions. Sexy Tree Service has a certified arborist with knowledge of each tree to ensure proper pruning.
  • Mistletoe Removal: Avoid having mistletoe overrun your garden. Sexy Tree Service has specialist who are knowledgeable on how to best remove this pesky plant at your Concord home or business.
  • Stump Grinding and Removal: A huge impact on a having a great looking garden is a huge stump. Sexy Tree Service has expert technicians who are skilled at quickly removing that ugly stump.
  • Wood Chips: Sexy Tree Service knows the importance of mulch in the garden.  We offer low cost mulch so you can see the dramatic impact on your garden.

We do not just provide tree care services. Sexy Tree Service provides exceptional customer service that goes above and beyond your expectations.  Our certified arborist works with you to bring back the magical look of your garden.

Emergency Services

We at Sexy Trees are aware that tree crises can occur day or night. We provide 24-hour emergency services to assist you with any tree-related issues you could run into. Our crew is available to assist you with any urgent problem, whether it be a fallen tree blocking your driveway, a branch that is in danger of falling, or anything else. We have the abilities and knowledge required to evaluate the situation rapidly, develop a course of action, and begin working on the issue right away.

Reach out to our Concord Arborist at 925-233-6877 or complete the form below:

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