Wood Chips and Mulch

Need Wood Chips?

Wood Chips and Mulch

Mulching is one of the best things you can do for your garden, which is why we call mulch the miracle worker of landscapes! Mulching involves spreading organic and natural products like wood chips, dead leaves or compost over your garden beds in order to protect and nourish them. With the ongoing drought in California, the water preserving properties of mulch provide a great reason to protect your garden by using wood chips in the East Bay Area.

Benefits of Mulch

Using mulch and wood chips provides a huge range of benefits for protecting your garden, optimizing its growth, and maintaining its beauty. The benefits include stopping weeds from growing, maintaining soil moisture, regulating soil temperature from becoming too hot or too cold, and adding nutrition to your garden as the natural mulch components break down.

Mulch also helps to make your garden look neat and attractive, supporting the growth of the plants you want and keeping away the weeds. Mulch and wood chips provide an amazing money and time saving solution for your garden, with mulch materials being available at such a low cost. Sexy Tree Service also offers discounts if you would like to keep the mulch for your landscape needs while we are working in your yard.  We can also deliver the mulch we produce to you for a small fee of $40 for fuel purposes.

How To Use Mulch and Wood Chips

Sexy Tree Service can deliver mulch and wood chips directly to your yard at any time of year, which is ideal for protecting your plants from harsh summer sun or the chilly winter weather. A layer 3-4 inches deep with adequate moisture ensures your plants stay hydrated and healthy.

Please email us at [email protected] or please setup an account at www.Chipdrop.in to take advantage of this service. We deliver mulch we produce a small fee of $40 for fuel purposes to the following areas:  Walnut CreekConcordPleasant HillLafayetteOrindaOaklandAlbanyAlhambra ValleyAlamoBerkeleyDanvilleDiabloEl CerritoEl SobranteHerculesKensingtonSunolSaranapSan PabloReliez ValleyPiedmontPort CostaSan LeandroVine HillMartinezBeniciaFairfield