El Cerrito Tree Care Service

Trees can change a building from a block of steel to a location with pockets of serenity and peace.  However, trees are living, breathing entities that have to be cared for differently depending on the type.  Sexy Tree Service has services throughout El Cerrito to take care of your trees so they maintain their elegance, health, and peacefulness.  Our certified arborist identifies each tree and provides the proper parameters for caring for the tree.

Alex is very knowledgeable and gave me a good idea of what made sense to do given the age of my oaks, time of year, etc.   He and his guys did a great job of trimming some oaks and taking out a few dead trees – the price was very reasonable.    The trees he trimmed are thriving – he knows what he’s doing and does NOT overtrim to make extra money – he wants your trees to be happy and healthy.  I would highly recommend Sexy Tree Service and will be using him again!

– Pamela, Customer, Danville

Sexy Tree Service are on a mission to ensure every tree receives the proper care and is able to look elegant and accentuate the garden.

We provide the following:

  • el cerrito tree care, El Cerrito Tree Care ServiceTree Care: A properly pruned tree can magnify the beauty of your garden.  Sexy Tree Service not only brings elegance back to your property but also cares about the tree’s health.
  • Tree Pruning: Without knowing the proper tree and pruning techniques, it is easy to cut too much.  We identify and implement tree specific guidelines to maintain their health and looks.
  • Tree Removal: Removing a tree should not become a burden on the homeowner.  Sexy Tree Service quickly and safely removes a tree with little impact on the customer.
  • Stump Grinding and Removal: Stumps can get in the way and impact the feel of a garden.  Sexy Tree Service removes  the stump and enriches the soil so you can grow a new plant/tree within the area.
  • Mistletoe Removal: Mistletoe can be worse than all those weeds within your grass lawn.  We provide Mistletoe Removal in El Cerrito without limitation.
  • Wood Chips: Who you gonna call for Mulch?  Sexy Trees!  We provide low cost mulch so you can bring a whole new look, feel to your property.

Sexy Tree Service deeply cares about each of its customers.  We service each one in the same manner that we would want ourselves to be taken care of.  We bring our knowledge to educate and make your tree healthy, beautiful. Whether you have questions about the best way to remove a tree or how to plant a tree, El Cerrito Tree Care Service  experts are here to help.

Please contact our certified El Cerrito Arborist at 925-233-6877 or complete the form below: