Stump Grinding and Removal

Stump Grinding and Removal

Stump Grinding and Removal

Once a tree has been cut down and removed, what’s left behind is the stump. Stump grinding is a way to completely remove the remaining stump, so that you have a clean and clear space to pursue your next landscaping venture. When Sexy Tree Service perform stump grinding and removal in Walnut Creek, we always ensure we use the most effective method to fully and safely remove the tree stump. We often take the extra step that other companies forget, in having PG&E (811 Dig) come out and mark the gas lines for safety. This is because we ensure the stump is removed even below the surface of the ground, so that new plants can grow and flourish in that spot.

Why Remove The Stump?

Most people want to have old tree stumps removed simply because they are unsightly. Stump removal can add value to your property by creating a more beautiful landscape. Tree stumps also tend to take a long time to breakdown naturally, and in the meantime, the stump takes up space, creates a safety hazard, and could even provide the opportunity for the tree to regrow!

How To Remove A Tree Stump

A stump grinder provides the easiest and most efficient way to remove a stump. Stump grinding is quick and low impact, and also provides great mulch for the garden as a byproduct! Hiring a stump removal specialist saves you time and money as the job is done quickly, and for less than the cost of hiring a stump removal machine yourself.

Sexy Tree Service can effectively remove your tree stump no matter how big the stump is, or how tight the space. Our stump removal ensures minimal damage to your surrounding landscaping. As we remove the stump, we fill the hole with nutrients to maintain the soil, so that the plants in your next landscape project will flourish and grow successfully.

Call Sexy Tree Service for the accuracy and efficiency of a professional stump grinding and removal service, performed with the utmost care.  We service the following areas: Walnut CreekConcordPleasant HillLafayetteOrindaOaklandAlbanyAlhambra ValleyAlamoBerkeleyDanvilleDiabloEl CerritoEl SobranteHerculesKensingtonSunolSaranapSan PabloReliez ValleyPiedmontPort CostaSan LeandroVine HillMartinezBeniciaFairfield