Port Costa Tree Care Service

Trees provide the beauty by which our soul relaxes.  Whether you are in your home garden at your business location or relaxing at your local park, Sexy Tree Service offers tree services for Port Costa residents.  We make the trees stand out and stay healthy for generations to come.  Our certified arborist can identify a tree and determine the best way to keep it healthy year after year.

The work that was done was excellent and completed in one day.  My yards were left in very good shape, cleaned up including all of the rain gutters which were completely full of leaves and tree branches, and the price was very competitive.  I would hire them again.

– Coles, Customer, Walnut Creek

Sexy Tree Service is your Porta Costa Tree Care Experts that know how to bring out your garden.

The following are our services:

  • Port Costa Tree Care Service, Port Costa Tree Care ServiceTree Care: By having a certified arborist, we know tree care.  Each Porta Costa tree is unique and we provide customized care based on the type of tree, area, and history.
  • Tree Pruning:  In order to make trees have long term health, they need to be properly trimmed.  Hacking and chopping can damage and cause long term harm.  In addition, it can make trees look ugly.  We can make your Porta Costa tree beautiful and have long term health through our pruning techniques.
  • Tree Removal: Why would you remove a tree?  Is it a visual nuisance?  Does it pose a safety risk?  Whatever the reason, Sexy Tree Service can quickly and safely remove the tree.
  • Stump Grinding and Removal: There is no reason to leave a stump to hinder the look of your Porta Costa garden.  Sexy Tree Service can remove the ugly stump and reinvigorate the soil in your garden.
  • Mistletoe Removal: Overrunning vegetation that can destroy trees, can you believe mistletoe can do that?  It definitely could.  We can remove mistletoe and make sure your landscape is free from harm.
  • Wood Chips: Wood chips galore, this is what we have.  We provide low cost mulch for you to use to enhance the beauty of your garden.

When you need an expert arborist, Sexy Tree Service is available to answer those questions you may have about tree care, pruning, or tree removal.  Whatever your concern, Sexy Tree Service is here to help.

Reach out to our certified Port Costa Arborist at 925-233-6877 or complete the form below:

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