Certified Arborist Trainer

Certified Arborist TrainerSexy Trees takes pride in providing superior service not only to its customers but to arborists who train under them.  Our certified arborist trainer regularly trains other tree service technicians and arborists throughout the Bay Area.  He conducts training courses from Concord to Sunol to Lafayette.   He teaches each individual within his sessions about how to identify trees, properly prune them, and do the work in a safe manner.

In addition to being a certified arborist trainer, Sexy Trees consistently attend seminars and courses to improve their skills.  A certified arborist has to have at least three years of experience and respond to about 200 questions regarding tree biology.  However, this is the bare minimum.  By doing such, a person can be certified as an arborist for three years.  In order to keep this certification, an arborist has to complete at least 30 hours of continuing education every 3 years.

Sexy Trees goes above and beyond these minimums. Their arborist not only maintains his certification but also has his crew participate in many of his training activities.  This ensures that each customer across DanvilleAlamoWalnut Creek, and Berkeley gets the highest level of tree care and service.  So whether you need your tree pruned, removed, or evaluated, then contact Sexy Trees Service today for all your tree care needs.