Mistletoe Removal

Got Mistletoe?

Do you have mistletoe in your yard? While you may have fond memories of mistletoe from the holiday season, you may have a different impression of mistletoe when it starts to take over your yard. Mistletoe is in fact a parasitic plant. That means it sucks the life and vitality away from your trees and plants in order to survive itself. It also can leave your trees and shrubs vulnerable to attacks by pests and disease. Mistletoe removal in Walnut Creek and across California is important because it protects your valuable trees and plants and our native flora from damage and disease.

Recognizing Mistletoe

Mistletoe appears as a plant with white berries and rounded leaves that is growing on another tree, most often oak, maple or other hardwoods, as well as pine trees and some other conifers. Over time, the mistletoe may draw sustenance and nutrients away from the host tree, which can cause the host tree’s branches to die off and the leaves to drop. This is usually the point where the mistletoe is noticeable. Mistletoes mostly take away a lot of water from the host tree, which means that the host tree will suffer most severely during a drought. Recognizing and removing mistletoe quickly and effectively is your best hope for your tree’s survival.

How To Remove Mistletoe

Mistletoe infects a tree by inserting its roots into the branches of the tree. The good news is that mistletoe can be removed by simply cutting off the affected branches. The bad news is that all infected branches must be removed to completely remove the mistletoe. If you call a specialized arborist to inspect your mistletoe affected tree as soon as possible, they can devise a way to effectively prune the infected branches while maintaining enough branch structure to allow the tree to survive. When it comes to mistletoe removal, you don’t want to take any chances.

Sexy Tree Service is committed to finding the best solution for you and your trees by dedicating their time to completing the job correctly, ensuring customer satisfaction and the health of your trees for years to come.

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