Piedmont Tree Care Service

According to an African proverb, “The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago.  The second best time is now.”  Sexy Tree Service strives to make sure that each Piedmont tree, whether old or new, is properly cared for.  We focus on beautifying your home, corporate area, or public park.  We make your Piedmont landscape is the envy of the neighborhood.  Our certified arborist knows each tree’s needs and wants.  Care is taken to customize services based on the type of tree and situation.

 I had a great experience with Sexy Trees.  Alex did a great job at completing the tasks. He was also very flexible and willing to come back to make minor adjustments that were over the top. We had asked him to cut bushes and big tree trunks.  Everything turned out well done!  I would definitely recommend SexyTrees!

– Sonia, Customer, Concord

We are your Piedmont’s tree favorite friend as we know how to properly care for it.

Our services include:

  • Piedmont Tree Care ServiceTree Care: A well cared for tree is a healthy, gorgeous one.  Our certified arborist knows trees and what they each need to thrive.
  • Tree Pruning: Have you ever seen a tree that just looks all mangled.  We do not destroy trees.  Sexy Tree Service prides itself on doing proper pruning techniques to allow your Piedmont tree to grow and enhance your landscape.
  • Tree Removal: Removing a tree can be an overwhelming task.  The fear of damaging your tree or the worry of how it would impact your landscape.  Sexy Tree Service knows how to safely and properly remove Piedmont trees to make it an easy process for you.
  • Stump Grinding and Removal: Stumps are not meant to stay in your garden.  We go in and remove the stump, grind it, and reinvigorate your soil to allow for future landscaping.
  • Mistletoe Removal: Mistletoe may lead to kissing during the holidays but it is a cancer for trees and your landscape.  Sexy Tree Service can remove mistletoe and stop the vegetation overrun in your Piedmont garden.
  • Wood Chips: Mulch can be a transformative force within your Piedmont Landscape.  We provide low cost wood chips to allow you to bring your garden to the next level.

Check out our five star customer service with our certified arborist to provide you customized tree care for your Piedmont home or business.  Should you have questions, Sexy Tree Service is available to provide you answers to those burning tree inquiries.

Emergency Services

Sexy Trees is a trusted company that provides emergency tree services to people who have urgent tree-related issues. We understand that accidents can happen at any time, which is why we offer our services 24/7 to ensure that we are always available to help you when you need us the most. Our team of skilled and experienced arborists is always ready to respond to your call for help, whether it’s during the day, at night, or even on weekends and holidays. We have the necessary equipment and tools to handle any emergency tree situation, no matter how complex or challenging it may be.

Please contact our certified Piedmont Arborist at 925-233-6877 or complete the form below: