Tree Care

Tree Care

Tree Care

Beautiful trees are the backbone of our landscapes. They provide visual appeal, structure and an element of skillful design to our outdoor areas. Healthy and well cared for trees and shrubs make your environment more attractive. They also add value to your property and reduce the risk of accidents. The expert tree specialists at Sexy Trees have in depth knowledge of all the necessary aspects of tree care. Plus, we are passionate about seeing your garden become the most beautiful and healthy it can be.

Here to Care for Your Trees

Whether you need help identifying a tree, treating a tree disease, or you want to know how to plant a tree, Sexy Trees are here to help. Properly caring for trees involves so much more than just getting the trees to ‘look good’. It takes the skill, experience and passion that Sexy Trees bring to the job to ensure your trees radiate with inner health, creating the atmosphere and environment you want.

Benefits of Tree Care

Neglected trees can be overgrown, messy and even become diseased and die. This causes the burden of needing to have the tree removed. Unkempt trees can also grow onto neighbor’s properties, dropping branches and leaves and causing damage. With the skilled arborists from Sexy Trees on hand, can correct any tree issues and provide the right method of tree care to encourage healthy growth and leave you with a perfect trim.

Cabling and Bracing

Cabling and bracing is a process where weak or damaged branches are supported by installing cables between two or more branches on the tree. This helps to prevent the tree from dropping branches and can assist the tree in its own self-healing process. As cabling and bracing requires ongoing attention, a I.S.A. Certified Arborist can manage the process by inspecting all hardware annually and making adjustments as needed.

Through their range of experience and knowledge in tree care, the tree specialists at Sexy Trees can custom design the right solution for you and your trees’ needs.

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