Sunol Tree Care Service

Without trees, our society would struggle and we would miss out on much of the beauty of the world.  The Tri-Valley is filled with gorgeous trees.  Sunol is no exception as they accentuate homes, businesses, and parks.  Sexy Tree Service provides tree care services throughout Sunol in order to bring new life to your outdoors.  Our certified arborist is always using his skills to identify and care for each tree in order to ensure long lasting life for each tree and landscape.

Thanks Alex, our pineapple palms never looked better!  Professional service, great price, highly recommend.

– Jacob, Customer, Concord

Sexy Tree Service’s goal is to create sexy trees throughout the bay area:

We provide the following:

  • Sunol Tree Care Service, Sunol Tree Care ServiceTree Care: A tree that is cared for leads to a longer, healthier life while beautifying your property. Our services not only take care of your tree but compliment your surrounding.
  • Tree Pruning: Hacking can cause the biggest damage to trees.  Sexy Tree Service identifies each tree to provide the proper pruning technique as necessary for that tree.
  • Tree Removal:  Many reasons could cause you to have to remove a tree.  Our professionals know how to carefully handle tree removal so that your property is protected and the tree is completely removed without damaging your Sunol landscaping. Sexy Tree Service provides quick, safe, and professional tree removal within the Sunol region.
  • Stump Grinding and Removal:  Removing the stump is but one step in the process.  We take pride in not just removing stumps but enriching the soil.
  • Mistletoe Removal: This holiday decoration is nasty for trees and landscaping.  It can quickly overrun a garden or damage vegetation.  Sexy Tree Service provides mistletoe removal in Sunol no matter what the scope of the problem.
  • Wood Chips: Landscaping can be greatly enhanced by mulch.   Sexy Tree Service can provide mulch to Sunol residences or businesses at a low cost in order to accentuate their gardens.

We bring highly responsive customer care to each of our projects.  We want to ensure that your landscape and trees are the talk of your neighborhood while allowing for the long term health of your trees.  If you have questions about removing a tree or the best time to prune them, Sexy Tree Service are here to help.

Please contact our certified Sunol Arborist at 925-233-6887 or complete the form below:

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