The Ultimate Guide To Summer Tree Care

Summer is here and with the mercury rising and drought still persisting in California, tree care should be a top priority for anyone who wants to see their trees survive and flourish. By arranging expert tree inspection and giving special attention to tree care and yard management, you can provide your trees the best chance of being ready for the hottest days of summer. With the help of a professional arborist, you can keep your trees and your property safe this summer with necessary tree cutting, professional tree specialist care and expert garden advice, all from your local tree pruning company.

Have Trees Checked for Pests

While spring is a much more common time for pests to appear on your trees and plants, some pests such as bagworms and Japanese beetles are more likely to appear in summer, and any unresolved pest situation that may have arisen in the spring months could continue into summer too.

If you notice increased insect activity on your trees or shrubs, or you’re concerned about pest infestation, the best option is to contact a certified arborist to inspect your trees and provide the necessary treatment and care to resolve the pest problem and protect your trees.

Droughts Need Water

While trees may not need to be watered in cooler or damp climates, when drought conditions occur many trees and shrubs need extra water to survive. It’s important to water trees and shrubs correctly to avoid wasting water, or inadvertently under- or over-watering the plants.

Check the weather forecast as water may not be needed if rain is due to arrive. Water your gardens deeply and soak the soil with about 1 inch of water, doing this less often such as a few times a week, rather than small amounts more frequently, such as every day. Choose to water at times of the day when water is less likely to be lost to evaporation, such as early in the morning or late afternoon.

Just Add Mulch

Mulching is a great way to keep trees and shrubs protected in summer, and also helps to preserve water and maintain soil health and nutrition. Your local tree company can provide mulch delivered directly to your garden, that provides huge returns for the health of your trees and the quality of your soil.

You can apply a mulch ring around your trees that provides protection and nourishment to the roots while preserving water and keeping your trees hydrated. Ensure your mulch rings are at least 2 inches thick, and add more mulch if necessary.

Professional Care

Is your tree dead, dying, diseased or does it have weak branches? For trees that are already frail surviving a hot, dry summer can be just too much, and they often die or drop branches, destroying nearby property and ruining the look of your yard.

Have a professional tree surgeon or qualified arborist make a visit to your yard to inspect your trees, provide expert advice and apply cabling and bracing to weak tree branches if necessary. A tree specialist can also identify dead or dying trees and provide safe and efficient removal in order to protect your property and your garden.

With these tips for top tree care this summer, you can enjoy a flourishing garden, even during the hottest days of the year.

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